Nillie Danesh

Nillie Danesh

Marketing Director

Every well-oiled team has an unsung hero that works diligently behind the scenes to ensure projects are running smoothly. Nillie Danesh is that magic maker for JVHome. Resident Marketing Director,  the Almaden native is notorious for her drive, dedication, and Cirque du Soleil-like talent for juggling an incalculable number of tasks.

A Santa Clara University alum who earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in Marketing and Public Relations, she coached high school and club volleyball teams while earning her degree. A natural-born leader with a love for relationship-building, Nillie spent a tenure in construction management before pivoting into the real estate development realm.

Passionate about transforming projects from blueprints to build-out, she segued her construction management skills into an operations manager role in 2020 and never looked back. Abundantly available and articulate in her communication, it’s no wonder she’s become an indispensable asset to the team.

Residing in Almaden Valley with her beloved boys, Kamran and Ryon, Nillie is equally active outside of the office. When she’s not orchestrating multiple projects or coordinating marketing campaigns, you’ll find her hiking Almaden Quicksilver Trail or cheering on the sidelines of her sons’ soccer, basketball and football games. Unquestionably driven and unfailingly devoted, Nillie approaches every facet of her life with the same gusto.

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